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The most successful organizations make the best decisions on a consistent basis. This stands to reason, and yet most nonprofit leaders don't make the best decisions because they don't have the best fiscal information. John Carbonaro has 33 years of non-profit auditing experience and now teaches leaders the organizational principles needed to maximize their revenue streams. As an accountant himself, he also teaches bookkeepers how to prepare the accounting work based on the needs of the leaders. Met with exceptionally positive reviews in the current seminar format, Carbonaro CPAs is now working to turn both trainings into a course made to help any non-profit leader and bookkeeper nationwide maximize their bottom line.


To train non-profit leaders

By combining both the non-profit leader and bookkeeping seminar into one comprehensive course. The product will include video lessons, a workbook, and a reference book. These tools are designed to be effective, efficient, and engaging while preparing the leaders for a practical "first-step" meeting with the accountant.

Seminar Topics

You will learn:

  • Grant Compliance

  • Funding Source Accounting

  • Accounting System Setup

  • Year End Closing

  • Cost Allocations

  • Internal Controls

  • Best Practices

  • And much more…

Non-profit Leader Topics:


Session 1 - Fiscal Training for Non-Accountants.  Learn to read and understand financial statements and make good fiscal decisions.


Session 2 - Internal  Controls.   Success is supported by smooth running and safe Fiscal Operations.


Session 3 - How to Build your Non-Profit Dream Team.  All great success is the result of a team of people working together.

You will learn:

  • The key to nonprofit fiscal success.

  • How to assess the financial condition of your Organization.

  • How to calculate your organization’s “True” cash position.

  • This is your Agency’s “BLOOD PRESSURE.”

  • Learn what is your “Real” profit or loss. It’s not what you think!

You will know:
How to read a balance sheet and ask good questions.

  • How to read profit and loss by funding source statement.

  • How to analyze Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.

  • How to be an effective part of Internal Controls.

  • How to get value from your audit and CPA Firm.

What you will receive:

-Video lessons for leaders

-Video lessons for bookkeepers


-Reference book

-Content updates

Code of Fed Regulations

Cost Allocation Spreadsheet Template

Fed Grant Requirements
Funding Types Poster

Grant Costs Handout

Grant Info Spreadsheet

Green Book 
Internal Controls Sample Procedures

Personnel Activity Report Spreadsheet

Whistleblower Policy

Day 1 - Pass Any Audit
Day 2 - Grant Accounting



John D. Carbonaro is a CPA with over 33 years of non-profit auditing experience.


"I spent months making this training for regular people, not bean counter accountant types. It is fun, interactive, motivational, and very educational!"

We have seminars in Hilo and on Maui.


$375 for both days, including materials and lunch.

To Sign Up

Contact Marsee at (808) 242-5002 and make a payment via credit card. 

Or sign up online! Click this Seminar Registration link or the "Seminar Registration" button at the top of the page and fill out the form.

Pre-registration and payment are necessary no later than a week before the starting date!  Once we have the requisite number of people signed up to attend, we will notify you of the seminar dates!

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