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Grant Accounting Training

Our Non-Profit Board Training & Grant Accounting Seminars have been upgraded to an Online & On-Demand format for you!

You get the same great information, but now in online video segments, with a corresponding workbook & materials, for you to use in your non-profit company!


To increase your knowledge on how to do excellent grant accounting while maintaining proper records and internal controls to pass any audit!

This is hands on training in a seminar format. In fact, it is like taking a 6 week course condensed into 2 days.

Seminar Topics

You will learn:

  • Grant Compliance

  • Funding Source Accounting

  • Accounting System Setup

  • Year End Closing

  • Cost Allocations

  • Internal Controls

  • Best Practices

  • And much more…


You will receive a course workbook and access to course documents.

Day 1 - Grant Success
Day 2 - Grant Accounting



John D. Carbonaro is a CPA with over 35 years of non-profit auditing experience.


"I spent months making this training for regular people, not bean counter accountant types. It is fun, interactive, motivational, and very educational!"

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