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Audit Services

Auditing Done Right

Auditing is a core strength of Carbonaro CPAs & Management Group. We believe today’s audit should involve much more than issuing audited financial statements.

Audit Checkboxes

We bring our many years of experience and commitment to each audit.  We take it upon ourselves to look for ways you can improve your company.  We provide this additional value through discussion, improved letters of recommendation and additional training where needed.

Financial Statements

We make sure our audited Financial Statements are in a format that suits our clients and are clearly understood. Year Round Auditors: We have two separate audit divisions available Statewide. Therefore, we can audit any time of year, including tax time and we can usually schedule our work at a time that is best for our clients.

Also, when we prepare tax returns for our audit clients, it is done timely, not at the last minute. Our auditors audit year-round and specialize in audit work! We work hard to be the best audit Firm available in Hawaii.

Auditing Services for:
  • Non-profit Audits

  • Single Audits

  • Charter and Private School Audits and Reviews

  • Homeowner Association Audits

  • Employee Benefit Plan Audits

  • Small Business Audits

  • Reviewed Financial Statements

  • Compiled Financial Statements

  • Contractor Financial Statements

  • Government Entity Audits

  • Fraud Examinations

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Maui Audit Team

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