• John D. Carbonaro, CPA

Truth to Help You

To the team at Carbonaro CPAs & Management Group, Clients, Friends and Family,

I am writing a blog on our Firm web site to help people in these uncertain times. A big comfort and help in uncertainty is knowing what is true. There is a lot of information coming at us and not all of it is true. You may be saying that most of it is not true. That’s fair. So I want to help find truth and share it. Why?

Let me easily answer that questions with 3 questions: Do you go to the doctor for a right or wrong diagnosis? Do we provide financial statements to tell people what is made up or what is real? Do we want to base our actions and future decisions on truth or opinions?

We need the truth. I am writing this blog to provide truth, not opinions, not conspiracy theory and not any agenda. I only want to write what is true. So, fact check me. I will have done my best to do my own fact checking and provide you with information that is real and will help us all.

These Blogs will be as often as I can post them. They will be based on facts, of course, but will be posted to help with practical things we can do. I will hopefully post things that you can do and are within your control. None of us can change things that are outside of our control, yet these issues (ones outside of our control) can consume us, they have me for a while. Therefore, the purpose of my Blog is to help all of us with everyday life: family, work, health, finances, etc. Things we can know and do that will help each of us live our daily lives as best we can. In other words, based on real truth, what can we do to help our self, our families, friends and co-workers live well now, in the midst of all that is going on around us.

I say we, because these blogs will pertain to me as much as anyone. The changes going on around me are the same as around you. So, we are in this together and together we can help each other. One of the truest things ever said about “together” is this:

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up. Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone? Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. and A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

Together, we are way more than “three strands.” So, this blog is to help us know the truth and help each other. We all need each other and together, we are a cord of many, many strands which is very strong indeed!

Some final thoughts on TRUTH. First, we must want the truth. Sometimes the truth is not fun. If a doctor tells us we have cancer, we don’t like that. But because cancer is better treated the earlier it is detected; it is best to learn the truth early on. So, truth may not be “popular” but it is helpful. Certainly, it is better than lies.

Second, truth is not opinion or sincerity. Some people believe the world is flat. Is questioning their “truth” considered intolerant? Being considered intolerant is a real problem in regards to finding and sharing truth. We need to get past that and seek the truth.

How about the 9/11 terrorists who believed hijacking airplanes and running them into buildings was heroic and good? They believed with all their heart and backed it up with their lives that the “truth” of terrorism against America was good. Was and is terrorism good? NO. Therefore, how much someone sincerely believes in something does not make it true. We need to seek real truth.

The definition of truth is REALITY, what is really real. Webster’s dictionary says, “the state of being the case: FACT” Gravity is true because it is real. Webster’s also defines truth as, “the body of real things, events, facts: ACTUALITY.” For example, quarantine of tourists in Hawaii is truth because it is really happening. Why this is happening is also a matter to truth because there is a reason even if we don’t know the reason. Are the reasons given by politicians true? I’m not convinced they are. But, the truth is we have to deal with the effects of no tourists because of their quarantine. How we deal with all of this is a matter of truth. The more we know what is true, the better our actions can be to help fix the real problems.

This Blog will help us all decipher what is true and put forth some practical things we can do in response.

TAKE AWAY – The first thing we can do is seek the truth. Don’t take information on face value alone. Think about it, check it out, get collaboration from other sources or other people. Remember, truth is not opinion, theory or sincerity. Truth is what is really real like, facts and reality. Hopefully, we all want to seek and know the truth. This is step one, do some effort to find truth.

Second, do you think politicians are telling the truth? Do you think Main Stream Media (MSM) is telling the truth? Are the countless special interests on social media telling the truth? No is the correct answer. I say no as a matter of truth because their information conflicts with each other, and differing and often opposite points of view can’t all be true. Right, that’s logical isn’t it? Also, the reality of what has happened over the past several months contradicts what they said would happen. For instance, it was told us that the “lock down” and quarantine was to “flatten the health curve to protect hospitals from over capacity and that it would be about 2 ½ months. Look around. That was not true because it did not happen. Hospitals are way under-utilized, the virus has not done near as much damage as predicted and yet, the quarantine and lock-downs are continuing into the 6th month. Was the original statement a lie? Not sure it was a lie, but I am sure it was not true.

My point is this. Find better sources of information to find the truth. Truth will correspond with reality. Reality is often something we can all see for ourselves. Anything that you know is not true, turn it off. Don’t allow yourself to be influenced by lies and agendas. I think believing a lie is worse than not knowing the truth. So let’s remove sources of lies from our life as best we can. That will help. Hopefully, we can replace that with truth as well help each other.

Lastly, share the truth. Once you know something to be true, for sure. Share it. We all need to proclaim truth. The best way to overcome lies is with the truth. And as we are helped by learning the truth, share it with others so they can be helped too. Please do not share opinions or theories. Let’s stick to the truth.

Thank you,

John D. Carbonaro, CPA

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