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"The Narrative"

The Narrative

I have used the phrase “The Narrative” in previous blogs. This blog is a simple explanation of that term which has complex implications to us all. This blog post is important and helps us put into context what is going on around us. But, as with all my blogs, the emphasis is on what we can do in our own lives and not to dwell on what is going on around us.

A Narrative is a description of events. That’s simple enough. But I used the term, “The Narrative” which is a controlled description of events. By controlled, I mean a purposely directed narrative as opposed to an unbiased narrative. The problem is that the purposely directed narrative is misleading in that it looks unbiased, but is not. Thus, it is a false narrative which is a pattern of various media descriptions that are inaccurate and misleading presented for a biased, specific purpose. The false narrative does not provide balanced reporting or allow for dissenting points of view. It has the purpose of making the viewers, hearers and readers think a particular way. In Russia, China and the 1930s Germany, this was called “propaganda.”

This is important to us today for many reasons, but let’s stick to the practical reasons. Take for instance the drug Hydroxychloroquine which has been around for 60+ years and is a safe and effective drug. A few days ago, many doctors went live and talked about the drug and how effective it is. I watched it and it was good. President Trump commented on this video and the video went viral. Within 1 day, it was taken off the main stream media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. See here: https://reclaimthenet.org/big-tech-censors-frontline-doctors/

If we as informed people want to know what treatments are working and available, we would want to know about this one. But it has been censored. Why, because “The Narrative” is that we need to wear masks, be in fear, stay home and wait for a vaccine. A cure that is cheap and effective is not “The Narrative.”


By the way, this link explains that an additional way to protect yourself against Covid-19 which is a similar method used by doctors. It incorporates Zinc, which is the protective mineral, using Green Tea instead of Hydroxychloroquine. This with a lot of vitamin C is a good over-the-counter immune booster. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2020-08-05/hydroxychloroquine-and-coronavirus

Another example of the false narrative is the rest of the George Floyd video that came out last week. The previously released video only showed the segment of the police cam where he was killed. As bad as that was, the previous minutes of video show George violently resisting arrest and in an apparent health crisis. Not for a second am I excusing the killing part, but the first part may have prevented hundreds of riots and millions of dollars of damage and the stupid idea of defunding police departments across the country. Why was the whole video not shown? Because “The Narrative” is fear, lock down and the status quo is bad. Think: Why would anyone want to promote fear AND defund the police?


One more. The Vaccine. There are many, many medical studies of vaccines over the past 50 years. There have been many, many viruses throughout the world that have come and gone. But, “The Narrative” is that this virus will not go away and requires a new vaccine that everyone in the world needs before there can be any normal. Medical studies, doctors and scientists and articles that contradict this Narrative are censored. Main stream media, internet searches, videos and news outlets remove dissenting information. This is the definition of false narrative and propaganda as I noted above. https://allnewspipeline.com/Covid_19_Censorship_And_The_Agenda_Of_Tyranny.php


For our daily living, raising our children, going to work, buying groceries, etc., I say to you again, seek truth. The truth is not in main stream media. It is not in most internet searches. It is not in the newspapers. All of these are pushing a false Narrative to make us think and vote in a certain way. Here is an amusing video that proves this point. https://youtu.be/_fHfgU8oMSo

Here is another good example of “The Narrative” and the facts related to it. https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/8-facts-actually-lies/

Take Aways:

* We need to stay united as Americans.

* We need to seek truth.

* We need to stay away from Main Stream Media

* We need to know that propaganda is happening in the United States of America.

* We need to help others know the truth.

* The opposite of “The Narrative” is actually true.

Yes, the links above are to the internet. And they required extensive insight to find them. They don’t pop up on your first search. I hope they are still there when you check them.

Bonus Link - https://www.valleynewslive.com/2020/08/07/gen-flynns-letter-to-america/

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