• John D. Carbonaro, CPA

How to Stay Healthy

Supposedly, all of the quarantines, lock-downs, masks, testing, news drama, etc. is to keep us all healthy, to protect us from getting sick. The truth is the best things you can do to keep yourself healthy from germs, viruses, and Covid 19 are the following:

1. Do not touch your face with unwashed hands. Covid 19 does not penetrate your skin! So, you are most vulnerable in your face; primarily your mouth, nose and eyes. And, the most common way viruses get into your eyes, nose and mouth is from your hands. Easy! Not touching your face is the #1 most effective thing you can do.

2. Wash your hands as needed. As noted above, your hands are the primary way you can get yourself infected. So, wash them. Warm, soapy water is best. Use hand sanitizer if you can’t get to water. Here is a good visual to help us remember: every time you touch something, your hands are “infected” with whatever is on what you just touched. Think of this, if you touch a door knob and then lick your fingers, you just licked the door knob. So, if you don’t want to lick door knobs, or gas station handles, or escalator hand rails, then wash your hands.

3. Relax, get Rest. God made your body to take care of itself quite well. Today is Sunday (Happy Sunday Everyone) which is a traditional day of rest for Biblical Christians. The point is that when your body is resting, it is healing. Rest from stress, from work, from worry, from responsibilities is all good. SLEEP. You will feel better and be better if you get good sleep. 7 to 8 hours of sleep and 1 day a week of rest which I define as “not striving” is healing for us all.

4. Nutrition. Our bodies love good nutrition and water. Unprocessed food and vitamins are very good. Vitamins B6, C and E are good to help our immune system be strong. I good multivitamin and probiotic with extra vitamin C is likely all you need. And drink water. Simple! We can all do this.

1-4 are almost all you need to protect ourselves. Let’s think about it. Viruses come into us via eyes, nose and mouth. So, don’t touch them. Hands are most often the way of introducing viruses to eyes, nose and mouth. So don’t touch them. Enhance your own immune system with rest and nutrition. That’s most of what you have to do and can do to protect yourself against all kinds of things. Not just Covid.

5. Common Sense. I will add Common sense because it is not so common anymore. We all need to exercise common sense which I think would be, don’t get too close to sick people. Documented transmission of Covide 19 from one person to another is from a sick person. Someone with actual Covid 19 symptoms would be a sick person. The Covid 19 narrative of how you can get it, how it travels through the air from asymptomatic people, how the virus transmits from surfaces and how we need to protect and lock down are from disproven or unproven theory. You can look it up. I’m not going into it here, yet. The issue here is the FACT that healthy people don’t spread disease. Please read that last sentence again! Sick people do and sick people are sick. Thus, Common Sense – don’t be around sick people (or be very careful) and don’t go out if you are sick. The narrative about what could happen is another blog topic. My point now is, we need to use common sense.

What does not help:

6. Masks – Studies show masks don’t help. Especially homemade cheap non-medical grade ones with inadequate filters used constantly without regular washing. (which is what you see most in public) They don’t help with flu, with colds, with hardly anything. They don’t protect your eyes, they suck up everything in the air when you breath in and what little protection they provide is lost when they get wet, which is when you breathe out water vapor. My next Blog will be the truth about masks. For now, I will just say we should not rely on masks to protect us. We are way better off focusing our efforts on 1-4 above.

7. Staying at Home. If you are not sick, you should not stay at home. If you are innocent, you should not go to jail because you “might” commit a crime. Staying at home if you are not sick is house arrest – guilty until proven innocent. Every American has the Constitutional right of being innocent until proven guilty. Quarantine is the opposite of this. (Another blog topic)

Staying at home is not healthy if you need to work to pay bills, go outside to get exercise, maintain emotional wellness with friends and family, and want to have basic well being by living a normal life. Staying at home has been proven to be unhealthy. For one thing, people have put off going to their doctor or the hospital and their ailments went untreated. People losing jobs and income is very unhealthy. Not having food is unhealthy. Mental illness from lock-down is happening. We should not stay home if we are healthy. We should go out, keep as normal as we can. Work, play, socialize with family and friends who are not sick. This is good for you.

a. If you are sick, STAY AT HOME. The title of this blog is how to stay healthy. So, if you are sick, you are not healthy. Get proper medical care and avoid people.

8. Anxiety/Fear. Most physical illness and mental illness starts with how we think. Every study ever done regarding stress shows it is bad for your health. Ask yourself this: “Do I get a calm, peaceful feeling from watching the news or social media?” NO you don’t and neither do I. I completely turned off all media months ago. I did not know there were riots until people told me. Am I worse off because I did not know in real time with media commentary there was rioting in cities than someone who did know? I don’t think so. Did they get angry, stressed, outraged, scared, or cynical? I didn’t.

Worry, stress, anxiety, fear are all very dangerous and need to be avoided. Now don’t start to stress out about getting out stress! 😊 Just do #3 above. Read great books. Enjoy friends and family. Be thankful for every good thing:

· you have,

· you see or

· you experience.

Being thankful is the opposite of anxiety.

Summary: Personally, I avoid wearing a mask and I get out and do as much normal activity as I can, every day. I was hiking outside on Grandfather mountain in North Carolina. As I was going to walk across a foot bridge, I was stopped. “Masks are required to walk on the bridge for social distancing.” I was told. I calmly told the young guys at the bridge, “We are outside.” They said it was governor mandated. I said it is not worth it, and walked away. I also went to the ranger building and told them is was crazy to wear a mask outside. And I left. No swear words, no scene, just calm truth.

My point is that we can’t control others but we can control our response. Different states have different requirements. I get that. We need to purchase food and necessities which may mean wearing masks. Fine, let’s do what we have to. But I fully believe masks are doing more harm than good. We need to remember and do points 1-4 above and know what will really protects us.

The point of my blog is that we do what we can, focus on what we can control for our own benefit and don’t stress over what we can’t control. Know the truth and share the truth. We all need to live through this and not get caught up in mass hysteria or mass deception. We need to focus on what is true, use common sense and stay united to help one another.

Yours truly,

John D. Carbonaro, CPA

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